Katharina Morken presenterte studie på ISSPD kongressen i Tyskland

Katharina T. E. Morken, psykologspesialist hos Bergensklinikkene, presenterte i september 2017 en studie på ISSPD; International society for the Study of Personality Disorders, kongressen i Heidelberg, Tyskland.



Objectives: In this study we investigated the feasibility of combined mentalization-based treatment (MBT) for patients with comorbid substance use disorder (SUD) and borderline personality disorder (BPD). Eighteen female patients attended a pilot project and participated in up to 36 months of treatment.  No published study has ever specifically looked at MBT for BPD patients with comorbid SUD. Moreover, few RCT’s exist on psychotherapy efficiency for patients with comorbid SUD and BPD. There is an urgent need for more knowledge on treatment for this patient group.

Methods: A pilot project within a naturalistic clinical setting with longitudinal data collection during treatment and at follow-up. Eighteen female patients attended a pilot project and participated in up to 36 months of treatment according to the manuals. Patients were measured on primary (pre post) and secondary (longitudinal) outcome measures before treatment, every 6 months during treatment, at the end of treatment and at follow-up approximately two years after treatment. Statistical analyses of repeated outcome measures (GSI, CIP, GAF, WSAS, and RSES) and of pre – post measures (Axis I and II diagnosis) were performed with linear mixed models and Cohens d were calculated. All analyses were performed with SPSS vs. 23 and HLM vs. 7.01 for Windows software.

Results: Significant improvements on primary and secondary outcome measures were demonstrated, with effect sizes ranging from moderate to large.

Conclusion: MBT as performed in this pilot project indicates promising results for patients with BPD and comorbid SUD. Performing RCT studies with control group and randomization is warranted.


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